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The bouquets and floral arrangements in bright colors, gathered in a bunch or in a vase, have the gift of bringing a ray of light and joy into the soul of the person that admires their beauty. Depending on their color, flowers can transmit certain thoughts and emotions. We have written a short description for each bright color of flowers and what significance they have: Bouquets of white flowers represent sincerity, innocence, purity, sympathy, devotion. When you offer a bouquet of white flowers it means that you transmit feelings of respect, appreciation and consideration. Pink flowers represent admiration, joy, grace, youth, femininity, kindness, delicate love. Offering a bouquet of pink flowers you express your feelings of admiration, pure love and gratitude. The bouquets of yellow flowers have warm feelings of friendship, loud joy, affection, optimism, warmth. Offer yellow flowers for people close to you or to your mother to express your happiness and gratitude or enthusiasm. Green flowers recall the freshness of nature and represents harmony, peace, serenity, good health, prosperity, renewal and rebirth. They are usually grouped with other colors for a stronger contrast. Giving green flowers means that you convey the best wishes of health, good fortune, peace and optimism.

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Arrangements in bright colors
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