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The bouquets and floral arrangements in darker colors produce a strong impression and evoke intense emotions to the person receiving them. Each color of flowers has a its own meaning, transmitting a certain feeling and thoughts. Here is a brief description of the most popular meanings of flowers in dark colors: Red flowers are a symbol of deep, passionate love, desire and power, courage, admiration, beauty, energy. Offering a bouquet of red flowers you express your love, admiration and passion. Orange flowers combine the passion and friendship of the two primary colors, red and yellow, signifying enthusiasm, creativity, energy, friendship. Blue flowers represent serenity, peace, serenity, imagination and inspiration. Offer them to a friend, colleague or artist to convey these feelings. Purple and violet flowers (shades between red and blue) represent sophistication, elegance, grace, nobility, dignity, mystery, fantasy, spirituality.

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Arrangements in strong colors
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