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The carnation is probably the oldest most cultivated flower in the world, famous all around. It is a sun-loving plant with sharp lance-shaped leaves situated along its stem. At first, the flower color was a bright violet-pink, but through careful variety selection other colors have been produced. The scientific name of the species Dianthus, of which the creation is part of, comes from the Greek 'dios' (Zeus) and 'anthos' (flower). One of the legends regarding the carnation tells of a young shepherd that fell in love with goddess Diana. Consumed by his desire the young man died of longing and carnations appeared from where his tears fell. Carnations are worn for special occasions, as boutonniere or in corsage, signifying distinction, or offered at different awarding events. Usually, these flowers are a symbol of love, admiration and elegance. Depending on the color, carnations can also mean sympathy (pink ones), deep love (red), or purity and good fortune (white carnations). It is the flower of choice for International Women’s Day, being a symbol of it and also of motherly love, respect and gratitude.

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