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This page describes what information is stored in cookies , how we use and why sometimes we need to store.

What are cookies

Cookies are small files , downloaded and saved to your computer or terminal in order to improve your experience Use of our site.
A cookie files saved by brwoser (Chrome , Firefox ) on the media at the request of a visitor's web server. These files do not contain code compiler executable or only small information used by website hosting saves . A cookie can be up to 4096 bytes. These files are stored in a special area of the internet browser and can not access other files or information on your computer visitor.

How do we use cookies

We use cookies for a variety of reasons listed below. Unfortunately , most times no industry standard options to disable cookies without off and the functionality of our site . It is recommended to leave the cookies activated because they are used to provide you with the service that use.

Disabling Cookies

You can disable the acceptance of cookies in your browser settings terminal you are using . depending on your browser (Chrome , Internet Explorer , Firefox , Opera ) , disabling cookies can be achieved from its options in "Settings" (Settings ) " Options " ( Options) or " Prefferences " ( Preferences ) . Disabling may result in the inability to use certain sites.

What we use cookies

- We use cookies to retain your session data .

- Also very important functionality of an online store is able to withhold products in your shopping cart. Cookies help us store information about the products added to the cart , even if the browser or computer will be locked . When we next visit our website products that you have added to your shopping cart you will find everything there.

- In some cases , we could use cookies provided by trusted third parties . Such as those placed by Google Analytics system known one of the most common and reliable solutions for traffic analysis . It helps us better understand how visitors interact with our site , so we can improve their experience .

- Another traffic analysis solution that may use cookies is Yandex Metrika . Along with Google Analytics gives us important information about how visitors interact with our site.

- I could use cookies and to signal that you have already completed field to join the newsletter .

- We also use cookies to save for a short period of time that visitors completaza information in the fields for checkout .

- In Session cookies are saved and current dumnevoastra . A session cookie exists as long as the user browsing the site and They are deleted by the browser when it is closed.

Cookies Internet utility

Cookies represents an important pillar for the Internet. Without their help, some sites might not work correctly. Without these experiences Internet users would be much poorer . For example, users of an online store could not stay logged on the site, would not be able to compare products and view your history of navigation products online store . Also displayed in advertising certain sites would be much less relevant for each visitor in part so that it can become more troublesome . Disabling be ? Files Cookies will stop advertising displayed on a certain site, but will greatly reduce its functionality can reach up to inability to provide right service for which the user has accessed the site in the first instance .

Misconceptions about cookies

A common misconception about cookies is that they could be malicious programs . These are not viruses nor have the functionality viruses. Given that data are only small , readable even by PC user , they can not be run , interpreter or compiled . So they do not have the functionality or applications programs . I can not access and delete any data from your Computers .