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To make an order for an bouquet you must:

  • 1. Choose from the website the desired bouquet and access the product details page
  • 2. Add the bouquet in the shopping list
  • 3. On the checkout page complete the delivery information and the details about the buyer.
  • 4. Choose the payment method and wait for the email confirmation order

About Transport

Provide informations about the destination place as detailed as possible, specify if it's about company headquarters, institution, store, residence, and in the observation field you can fill an delivery interval hour, potential observations about the destination place (landmarks), or anything else which could help us to deliver your order as soon as possible.

In the case you know the recipient personally, it's very good if you fill his personal phone number. We will use it only if we cannot find the recipient at the destination and we will try to keep the surprize both in terms of delivery nature and of your identity.

For the deliveries in small towns or in villages and communities, it's extremely helpful a phone number, to eliminate any problems about the delivery address.

About Payment

The orders payed throw the bank transfer option must be confirmed throw a fax ( at 021.411.41.22 ) or a copy scanned an sent throw email. Only after we have received this confirmation the order can be delivered.

More information about the payment methods are in the section How do i pay?