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Iris is a flowering plant with over 300 species and many varieties. In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris is the personification of the rainbow and the messenger for mortals and Olympian Gods. The Greek word ‘iris’ also means rainbow. The iris flowers were regarded as having healing powers and were used for religious practices to enhance sensory perception and higher consciousness. Greeks considered it a spiritual flower that guided them to Elysium, the Egyptians used it as a link to the heavenly world and the French attributed to kings, considered to be of divine origin. The violet iris is a flower associated with royalty and wisdom, the blue one signifies hope and faith, yellow for passion and white is the expression of purity and innocence. The iris can also be seen as a messenger-flower due to its association with the goddess with the same name, bringing people closer together, linking thoughts to actions, imagination to reality, the material world to the spiritual one.

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