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The tradition of ‘Martisor’ can be observed in Romania at the beginning of spring, on March the 1st, celebrating the renewal of nature that brings green leaves and scented flowers. The same explosion of color and perfume that delights the eyes and rejoices the souls has been recreated in numerous bouquets of flowers for the month of March or ‘Martisor’ for the ones that are dear to you. The gesture of offering a ‘martisor’ in the month of March to celebrate the end of harsh winter and the return of gentle spring, favorable to agriculture, is a very old tradition specific to the Romanian people and other neighboring nations. In the past, it was customary to offer intertwined red and white pieces of string, simple or adorned with a gold or silver coin, that were worn during the whole month of March before they were hung from tree branches, as a sign of abundance. Today, besides the various decorative items, flowers are also being offered as ‘martisor’ to girls and women, as a sign of beauty and joy. Choose from the many special arrangements or bouquets of flowers for the 1st of March the one that is just right and share it with a special person.

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1st of March Flowers - Trinket Day (Martisor)
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