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To celebrate this special occasion we have prepared a series of bouquets of flowers for International Women’s Day, joyful and kind as their smiles. The floral bouquets for the 8th of March are happy and colorful or elegant and sublime with a few hues. Often used are red roses, expressing love and true devotion, the white ones for friendship and sincerity or gerberas in bright colors: yellow, orange and pink, spreading joy. Being more than just a day for showing appreciation, respect and love toward women, International Women’s Day carries an important political and social message. It was originally proposed as a way to promote equal rights and eliminate discrimination and has later become an international public holiday, drawing attention to the significant contributions of women and their accomplishments. In Romania, it is customary to offer small gifts of appreciation, such as flower bouquets, to women of all ages, girlfriends, wives, daughters or co-workers. Both men and women can offer flowers to the close ones and relatives but also can the children to their mothers, grandmothers or teachers.

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8 March Flowers - International Women’s day
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