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The tulip is a perennial, bulbous plant that blooms in spring, with most species having a single cup shaped flower, located on a long stem, with few leaves at the bottom. The inside of petals is usually darker at the base. It prefers the mountainous areas with temperate climate and cool springs and dry summers. Native to the East, the tulip has naturally spread west to the Black Sea. It was cultivated since the beginning of tenth century by the Persians. At the half of the fifteenth century, sultan Mehmed the second had every mosque, palace and garden of Constantinople decorated with this flower. A century later it appeared as an ornamental motif in art, ceramics and fabrics (decorating the imperial armor and robes of the sultan), being the favorite flower of the Turkish people and considered a divine symbol. Brought to Europe, the nobility immediately fell in love with the flower, the rarity and novelty of the tulip drawing their attention and sparking a real hysteria among flower growers. Finding a proper climate in the Netherlands, the tulips have brought fortunes to the Dutch merchants, with prices soaring continuously and the bulbs of certain newly created species being auctioned for large amounts. The climax was reached in 1637 when the tulip market crashed, ruining many of the merchants. In current times, tulips are flowers widely available that come in many colors, such as: red, yellow, pink, purple and can symbolize: passionate love, royalty, wealth, charity and indulgence.

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