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Payment methods

An order can be paid by the following methods

Card (online)

Payment by card consists of filling in your card data online. on a secure form - the payment interface Librapay. You will fill in the card number, your name, the expiration date, and the CVV2 code. If your card is included in the 3D Secured system after completing this information, you will also be asked for the password associated with the card used.

After completing this data, you will be redirected back to our site. If, for various reasons such as insufficient funds, incorrectly entered data, etc. the payment could not be completed, you will see an error message. For security reasons, error does not specify the exact cause of non-payment. If your card is issued abroad and you have received an error when using it on our site, we recommend that you choose PayPal and use your card on the PayPal

No commission is charged to clients for payment by bank card and the amount paid is collected after the delivery. If, for various reasons, it is necessary to return the money, the paid amount will be returned back to the card used.

Our company DOES NOT RECEIVE OR STORE your card data, they are only taken over by the payment processor (ROMCARD) and by the bank (LIBRA BANK) on their secure interfaces, and we only receive a message stating whether the payment was made.

IMPORTANT: on the bank statement, the transaction will appear to our company Van Hort Trade SRL


PayPal is an international payment service, extremely fast and easy to use. If you already have an account PayPal making the payment consists only of logging into this account and accepting the transaction without the need to complete the card data. The currency used to pay via PayPal is EURO and the payment amount will be automatically converted at the time of payment in EURO without any action on your part.

If this is the first time you use PayPal you will need to create an account and associate it with your card. You will enter your card details and you will choose a username and a password and then you will be able to pay just by logging in account, without having to fill in the card details.

It is important to note that we will deliver the orders to the delivery address you filled in the site, please ignore the automatic message in which the delivery address is presented as your PayPal account.

Wire transfer

Payment by wire transfer can only be made from a RON-denominated bank account in Romania and is targeted specifically at companies. After selecting this payment method, the transfer data will be displayed. It is very important that after the bank transfer you send us a confirmation (scanned or picture)

Name: VAN HORT TRADE SRL J40/20560/2017

C.I.F.: 38604500

Account: RO48BREL0002001635780100

Bank: Libra Internet Bank

Social address: Str. Triumfului nr 29, București

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