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Why us?

Our business was born sometime in the middle of 2004, the idea being finely sculpted at the beginning only by the respect and appreciation of the founding members Radu and Călin, to flowers in general and especially to floral art in particular.

We are proud today with the nearly 14 years of experience that has accumulated since the first flower arrangement delivered in Bucharest. We remember as if yesterday, the emotion generated by the first order, a bouquet of multicolored tulips delivered somewhere near the Arc de Triomphe. An impeccable delivery, followed by another tens of thousands, which, just as on the first day, were marked by punctuality, prosperity, and the right price.

The three strengths that underlie our team, a team that today counts over 16 people. Just as on the first day, we control all the issues related to the production of arrangements, photos, and even site programming and order management. We preferred not to delegate any crucial aspect to truly guarantee an impeccable service to our customers.

And because it came to customers, the benefits that our company brings to potential customers are:

  • 1. delivery photo that reaches the buyer's mail within 10 minutes!
  • 2. the freshest flowers in the market - the freight stock is refreshed several times a day. Flowers are transported only in controlled temperature environments regardless of whether they are transported to the customer or warehouse.
  • 3. instant confirmation for deliveries in Bucharest and the surrounding area. Confirmation is done within seconds of delivery, directly on the buyer's email.
  • 4. the best prices for cut flowers in Romania. Do not you think? Try to compare our offer with the competition and you will see that you get almost double at the same price
  • 5. the ability to pay with any current payment instrument, from the classic bank order, to the bank card.
  • 6. the ability to deliver completely anonymous orders. We do not disclose your identity to anyone if you request this in the order form. It's simple, is not it?
  • 7. floral avant-garde design, always in line with international trends. Sometimes adapted to our Romanian requirements, we change or add to the existing offer, new models, several times a year.
  • 8. custom newsletter and promotional offers by email.
  • 9. phone support, email, chat, Whatsapp or Facebook. Our support department is always professional, regardless of the chosen communication path.

You can find out more if you visit benefits page.

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