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What happens if you do not find the recipient?

We offer delivery of floral bouquets and floral arrangements at home, at headquarters, banks, institutions, hospitals, restaurants or any other location. If our delivery agent does not find a recipient at the delivery address, he can:

  • 1. come back later
  • 2. deliver to a relative, colleague or other person present at the address
  • 3. contact the recipient (we always try not to divulge delivery details to keep the surprise)

If you have information about the recipient's schedule and you can indicate a preferred delivery interval, you can do so in the field of observations for each arrangement in the shopping cart.

How do I get the invoice?

If the buyer is a legal person, for the invoice to be issued with the data of the legal person (company, government institution, etc.), the fields for legal entities must be filled in the form with the data of the buyer (this is filled in when placing the order after completing the delivery address)

If I place an order today, when is it delivered?

More details about delivery you can find here.

How can I pay ?

More details about payment you can find here.

Can I choose a delivery timetable?

You can indicate a preferred delivery interval, we will try to respect it, but we can not guarantee delivery within that range.

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