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Guarantee of freshness

We are proud to be able to offer a guaranteed freshness of at least a week for our bouquets and floral arrangements. We allow this to happen because the whole process of procuring flowers, preserving them, creating arrangements and delivering them to the recipient person respects several principles:

  • - we only work with greenhouses and professional importers, recognized for quality assured standards, we do not use flowers from dubious sources that offer lower cost but come with a higher risk of damaging
  • - time spent by flowes in our workshop is minimized by optimizing inventories based on a prediction of the needs of each type of flower, date based on order history
  • - flowers are carefully processed before use
  • - the transport to both the workshop and the recipient is done in water and temperature controlled containers

Because we always use fresh flowers, some types of flowers contained in the ordered arrangement (such as lilies, irises, tulips, etc.) may be delivered just before the bobs are completely open.

To be sure you will benefit as much as possible from the flower arrangement you receive, we recommend following these simple tips:

  • - right after you receive the bouquet of flowers, then periodically, preferably every day, cut with a sharp blade or a special garden claw, 1-2 cm of the flower stems. It is not recommended to use a scissors because it can crush the flowers and obstruct feeding them with water
  • - if the shipped arrangement was accompanied by a flower-shaped envelope (in the form of a powder), add some of this bag in the vase water whenever you change it
  • - if the arrangement received is worked in the sponge you will not be able to cut the flowers but you can keep the sponge wet by periodically turning a small amount of water among the flowers of the arrangement
  • - keep the arrangement in a cool place but not in excessive cold, away from direct sunlight rays or from any source of heat (radiator, stove etc)
  • - clean leaf stems so that leaves are not below the water level in the vase, and no leaf broken into water, they can cause the development of bacteria that affect the vase flowers

If you think the flowers you received did not meet the desired freshness standards, please contact us and we will do our best to find out the reasons and correct the situation.

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